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Secure Choice Pooled Employer Plan

Available exclusively to Paylocity® Payroll Clients!

The Secure Choice Pooled Employer Plan eliminates the following for Paylocity Payroll client’s 401(k) Plan:

  • Trustee-Level Liability

  • Investment Fund Selection and Monitoring Duties

  • Form 5500 Filing Requirements

  • Plan Document Charges (Including Document Restatement Fees)

  • Annual Individual Plan Audit Costs

  • "360 Degree Payroll Interface” makes deferral remittance automatic!

The Secure Choice Pooled Employer Plan features recordkeeper platforms from some of America’s largest and most well-respected investment firms!

Please select the recordkeeper below that you want to provide you with a formal Secure Choice Pooled Employer Plan proposal. 

Steep Mountains

Summit Retirement Partners, serves as the ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager for the Secure Choice Pooled Employer Plan. We are responsible for establishing the plan's Investment Policy Statement, investment fund selection and monitoring, and all investment fund changes.

Looking for more information or a pricing proposal? Head over to and complete a proposal request. Someone will be in contact with you to answer all of your questions! For immediate support, you can also contact the plan’s Pooled Plan Provider at The Platinum 401k, Inc. at

Company Logos are trademarks of each respective company. Our use of them in this website does not imply any endorsement from or by them. The Secure Choice Pooled Retirement Plan is not affiliated with any state-sponsored retirement plan program. Secure Choice Pooled Employer Plan Pooled Plan Provider Services are provided through Plan Compliance Services, Inc., an affiliate company of The Platinum 401k, Inc.

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